MWDM&S manufactures select Geolink MWD Orienteer pressure housings.

Made in North America with the best quality BeCu available and with unparalleled manufacturing standards.

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Shipping Ex-Works USA and Canada.

APC Pressure Housing – 1.875″

SEA Pressure Housing – 1.895″ (1220.5 mm)

PSA Pressure Housing – 1.895″ (1079.0 mm)

MGR Pressure Housing – 1.895″ 1162.0 mm)

GRB(D) Pressure Housing – 1.895″ (661.5 mm)

GRB(DD) Pressure Housing – 1.895″ (946.0 mm)


Geolink MWD Systems Technical Overview

The Geolink MWD system is ideal for customers who require a collar-mounted system. Widely recognized within the industry for its reliability, accuracy and quality. It is available with either mud pulse or electromagnetic (EM) transmitter options; vibration monitoring is provided in all configurations. A wide range of optional modules (gamma, resistivity and pressure during drilling (PDD) enables expansion into markets requiring increased service levels.

  • Standard and Ultraslim Transmitter

The transmitters contain a solenoid-operated poppet valve which, when opened for
a period of 0.5 s, creates a pressure drop that is detectable by the surface system. The time between the pulses represents the data measured by the downhole sensors. The telemetry sequence is decoded by the surface computer system.

  • Survey Electronics Assembly (SEA2)

Tri-axial flux-gate magnetometers and Q-Flex Inclinometers make the measurements for wellbore inclination and azimuth with industry-leading accuracy. Additional measurements include toolface, temperature and vibration monitoring. Survey quality control parameters are also transmitted in real time.

Integral Vibration Measurements. 

Real-time lateral and axial vibration data can be used to mitigate BHA damage and optimize drilling efficiency.


Stable, reliable and proven technology with a fixed mounting maximizes operational efficiency and reduces operating costs for harsh environments.


Industry-leading directional sensor accuracy for precise well placement.


The Geolink MWD surface system uses proprietary Geolink software running on a Windows operating system. Additional sensors allow either mud pulse or EM transmission to be detected; each system is compatible with the optional plug-and-play depth tracking kit for formation logging operations.


Geolink MWD Pressure Housings and Carbide Wear Parts